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William & Kate on Last Pre-Wedding Official Function

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Prince William and fiancee Kate Middleton brought their electric smiles to northwest England on Monday for the last trip in their  pre-wedding tour of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  Most observers agree the four trips were a big success, with the youthful Middleton showing an adroit touch with Britons from all walks of life. She also won style points for her fashion choices and won people over with her easy smile and relaxed demeanour.

Adoring crowds in Blackburn ignored torrential rain and lined up early to get a glimpse of the royal couple.

William, in a blue suit and dark tie, played the role of proud husband-to-be to near perfection. He let Middleton take centre stage most of the time even as he handled public speaking duties, including a brief speech in support of an educational charity.  The royal couple arrived first at the Darwen Aldridge Community Academy, where William launched a “prince’s award” for the educational charity SkillForce.

Prince William paid a touching tribute to his bride-to-be in his speech.  “I know that I am very fortunate. I have the support of my family and friends, I do a job I enjoy … and I have Catherine,” he said on his speech to launch the Skillforce Prince Award.

They then visited Witton Country Park in the afternoon as part of William’s commitment to protect outdoor recreational spaces. Crowds swelled there despite the damp, leaden skies and police were out in force.  The sun came out, as if on cue, when William and Middleton arrived at the sports field.

“I came here early, even though it’s pouring with rain, to make sure I get the best chance of seeing William and Kate,” said one brave soul on a wheelchair. “They’re a lovely couple and as for William, his mother Diana would have been so proud of him.”

“It was absolutely worth the wait,” said Linda Gregson, 52, of Darwen, after spending 2 ½ hours in the rain with her son to briefly see the royal couple.

William & Kate stealing glances

Middleton looked elegant, with her hair partly swept up and wearing a navy skirt and matching tailored jacket. It is said that her latest outfit is by British designer Amanda Wakeley.  She carried a matching clutch bag and wore high-heeled shoes despite the damp weather and mushy athletic field, where she started a race for teenage girls by dropping a white flag.

The couple also met with some Olympic hopefuls who had been invited, including pole vaulter Holly Bleasdale.

“We had a bit of a chat about how my training was going,” said Bleasdale, 19. “They were very interested in how I got into it. Kate said that she used to be a bit of a high jumper, so that’s good to know that they’re quite sporty.”

The couple showed no obvious signs of pre-wedding jitters, although William has said he is getting nervous as the big day approaches.

Next up: Westminster Abbey…

Articles: Official Royal Wedding Website | Daily Mail | Associated Press



Raw video of William & Kate’s visit to Lancashire


Some of my favourite PICTURES

All Pictures: Getty Images | Wenn


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Royal Wedding Bandwagon: Videos & Magazine Covers

Kate Middleton is on the cover of Newsweek as we countdown to the Royal Wedding, now only 25 days away!

It’s a very commendable piece, introducing the world to the princess-to-be,  and highlighting her background, relationship and characteristics that may very well serve to save – or at least revive – the British Monarchy.  Quotes and analysis from “friends” and royal specialists.

Kate the Great

In a world gone to hell, thank God, a wedding.

Citizen Kate. Here comes the smart, sexy, grocery-buying, blessedly normal commoner who could save William—and the royal family.

When Catherine Elizabeth Middleton marries William Arthur Philip Louis Windsor, a prince of the royal blood, in Westminster Abbey on April 29, she will be scoring a number of firsts. Kate will be the first royal bride to have a university education, the first to live with her husband before marriage, the first to have a mother who used to be a flight attendant. Most impressively of all, Catherine will one day be the first queen of the realm to have fallen over at a roller disco in a pair of yellow hot pants.

Read the article: Newsweek


Video: Chasing the Royals.  Canada’s CBC aired a very interesting documentary on the the dynamics behind the press and the Royal Family.  It covers scoops, scandals and stories over decades, from Princess Diana, Fergie, and now William & Kate.  Interviews with various popular royal photographers.  Videos from Youtube: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10

Videos: Interviews with lecturers from St Andrews University.  William & Kate’s university teachers talk about memories of William & Kate during their time at St Andrews.

Royal Wedding Updates:

The London Chamber Orchestra rehearses for the Royal Wedding

Source: Official Royal Wedding Website


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Kate Middleton Fights the Bullies

Kate Middleton as a child. Copyright: The Middleton Family

It has emerged that Kate Middleton was once a victim of bullying as a teenager. While snippets of this has come out years ago, News of the World digs deeper by interview Kate’s roommate at Marlborough, Jessica Hay.

At posh girls-only Downe House school, a 13-year-old Kate was allegedly bullied so bad her parents had to pull her out midterm and transfer her to co-ed Marlborough College, where she blossomed into a sports star and one of the most popular girls in school. Why bully her? Because she was “too nice for her own good. And it didn’t help that she was so tall and self-conscious about her eczema.”

“She hated it, absolutely hated it,” says Jessica Hay. “The girls there were horrible. They used to put faeces in her bed and she was very, very badly bullied. She was picked on because she was perfect – well turned out and a lovely person. She was not the type of person to stick up for herself.”

A new book to be released after the Royal Wedding will reveal more details about Kate’s childhood and the torments of bullying.

Article: News of the World (paid site)

On the other hand, Downe House’s headmistress speaks out, saying that as far as she knows, no serious bullying took place.

“‘If Kate had been really badly bullied I don’t think she would be the girl she is today. That’s my take on the girl she is. But at the time, she may well have felt a fish out of water, or unhappily not in the right place. Certainly I have no knowledge of any serious bullying at all. But there’s what everyone calls bullying, and there’s actual real, miserable bullying where someone has a dreadful time. Yes, there would be teasing. It’s all part of the normal competition of growing up, of establishing a pecking order. Girls are cliquey by nature and they can be rather cruel. If you’re attractive, too, that can be seen as rather a threat.

I think it’s fair to say she was unsettled and not particularly happy. Maybe in Kate’s case she just kind of went quiet and didn’t say anything. It’s good she’s chosen a charity that will help people who get beyond that.”

Article: Daily Mail

William & Kate have chosen the charity Beatbullying as one of the recipients of their Wedding Charitable Gift Fund.  They ask people to donate to charity in lieu of sending wedding gifts.


Prince William’s Stag Do Details Revealed!

There’s no one better than royal reporter Duncan Larcombe in giving us the goods.  Just when the world thought Prince William has “outfoxed” the media by keeping his stag weekend absolutely secret, the Sun reveals the details.

It was a relatively tame stag weekend in a secluded North Devon mansion, the historic Hartland Abbey.  Clay pigeon shooting, surfing, drinking games… The lads played the Name Game, with the Queen’s name on the post-it stuck on William’s head.  Oh, and William was forced to wear a chest wig and hairpiece.

Article: The Sun

Video: William talks about his love for Anglesey, and how he and Kate could keep a home there.

Royal Wedding Updates:


Other Royals:

Prince Harry emerges as the cool, fun face of the monarchy.  Cool guy.  Action man.  And not quite as serious as William.  Harry’s is Britain’s most eligible bachelor.

Lauren Pope talks about the night she kissed Harry, and how she rejected his advances.  It happened back in 2004.  The reality star recalls the experience

Peter Phillips to be Mike Tindall’s best man? According to Katie Nicholl, it’s Zara’s brother Peter, not rugby star Iain Balshow, who will be best man at Zara and Mike’s July wedding.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all mummies in the UK!  And a related article to Carole Middleton, mum of Britain’s future queen and the person everyone wants to be friends with.



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Royal Wedding Updates: Ringless William Plus Revelations from Harry

It’s getting crazy in the Royal Wedding world as we are only exactly 4 weeks until the big day!

NO Wedding Ring for William

One big piece of news is the fact that William will NOT be wearing a wedding band, while Kate will have hers traditionally cast from Welsh gold given by the Queen to William.  Why not?  A palace spokesperson says William has never been one for jewelry.  He doesn’t even wear a signet ring (like his father and uncles who wear their wedding bands beneath signet rings in their pinkies), and the couple has decided to only have one wedding ring.  Articles: Daily Mail

Surprising?  It was for me at first.  Mad research drove me to some revelations:  (Click on links to find proof on videos or pictures)

  • Prince Andrew (video) & Prince Edward (video) did have wedding rings slipped into their signet rings during their wedding ceremonies
  • Prince Charles (picture) wears a wedding ring under his signet ring with his marriage to Camilla
  • Prince Charles is said to have worn a wedding ring under his signet with Diana, too (article), although this video (start at 7:20) from their wedding ceremony shows that no ring was slipped into his finger
  • The Duke of Edinburgh does NOT wear a wedding band

Further research showed that many of the younger social / aristocratic grooms, however, did NOT have wedding bands (or did not wear them).  These link to pictures to their weddings or appearances after:

On a bright note, Peter Phillips wears a ring!
I’m still trying to figure out if Freddie Windsor wears one.

So much for wedding ring obsessions…


Lovely Words from Harry

[ad#box1]Prince Harry gave an interview while on his arctic charity trek.  In it he mentioned that Diana would have very proud of William, joked that they never thought he’d marry, that he thinks his brother and Kate are a “perfect match” and that Prince Charles is “over the moon.” Also hinted was the story that if it were not for media pressure and scrutiny, William & Kate could have been married 2 years ago.  Best to see the entire video interview.  Article highlights below.

William shows the Queen around RAF Valley; gives an interview

Despite the gusty winds in Anglesey, Her Majesty held on to his hat, as reporters traveled far to see Prince William show his grandparents around RAF Valley where he works are a Search & Rescue pilot.  Yesterday he gave a helicopter demonstration and an interview, talking about the importance of his work and admitting to wedding jitters.

William admitted he had had sleepless nights about “the whole thing”, that his knees “started tapping quite nervously” during rehearsal, but that it was “very exciting” and he’s looking forward to his big day.  He has invited his colleagues to the wedding.  They, in turn, poke fun at him by buying him Will & Kate memorabilia: a mug, tea towel, pillow…

The royal, who joined C Flight, 22 Squadron in September, has already participated in 12 operational search and rescue missions – a similar amount to any of his contemporaries.  He has completed around 35 operational SAR standby shifts at RAF Valley – each shift lasts 24 hours.

View the complete Video: BBC

Related Articles:

Pictures: Getty Images


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