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Royal News for 2012-08-07: Kate Goes Sailing at the Olympics

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Royal News for 2012-08-06: Olympics – Kate Goes Solo as William & Harry Play Polo

  • Weekly Updates for week ending on 2012-08-05 #
  • RT @RoyalReporter: Princes William and Harry are playing in a charity polo match at Cirencester this afternoo. #
  • RT @RoyalReporter: The Duchess of Cambridge today will go to Olympic gymnastics, Team GB handball, then join William and Harry at athletics. #
  • Telegraph: Prince William, Kate and Harry’s Olympic effort to 'sell' UK to the world. #london2012 .. #
  • William & Harry currently playing polo for charity. Kate watching gymnastics. # olympics #
  • Ignore last tweet. Sorry, got carried away. Lol. Murray up 2 sets. Best of 5 fot gold. #olympics #
  • Finally I can say it. Congatulations to Andy Murray for winning #Olympic gold!!! #
  • Pics of Prince William & Harry playing polo today via @RE_DailyMail #
  • Cartwheels for Kate: Duchess of Cambridge watches gymnastics in latest Olympics outing via @DailyMirror #
  • Game for a laugh Prince Harry dons Angry Birds hat for table tennis match at the Womad music festival… #
  • The Duchess of Cambridge is strolling through Olympic Park. For pictures,follow @liltinglimes's tweets. Plenty of them caught by the public. #
  • Photoset: The Duchess of Cambridge at the #Olympics today… #
  • Prince William & Harry have a new cousin. Earl Spencer & his 3rd wife welcome a daughter, Lady Charlotte Diana Spencer #
  • Article: Princes William and Harry take a break from spectating at the Olympics for a game of polo… #
  • First out of the box: Royals gather to see who is crowned king of the track via @DailyMirror #
  • Thus ends Prince William's Olympic appearances as he goes back to work. Kate & Harry will continue supporting @TeamGB thru the next week #
  • Monday at the #Olympics The Duchess of Cambridge expected to catch the sailing at Weymouth #london2012 #
  • Pic: Did the whole GB handball women's team really bow to The Duchess of Cambridge after she came to see them play? Wow #
  • Mike Tindall says wife Zara Phillips setting her sight on gold in Rio. Kids in between? By @camillatominey #olympics #

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Royal News for 2012-08-05: Royals attend Athletics at the Olympics

  • Royal News Updates for 2012-08-04 #
  • Andy Murray vs Roger Federer rematch for Olympic gold. Plus Murray competes in mixed doubles. I spy royalty at Wimbledon tomorrow #olympics #
  • William & Kate at tonight's multi-medal winning athletics event. (Ignore the Harry references) #olympics .. #
  • Photoset: Royals at the athletics – incl William, Kate, Anne, Tim, Beatrice #Olympics day 8 … #
  • Video: A royal surprise as Australian athletes meet Prince William and Kate…. #

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Royal News for 2012-08-04: William & Harry give Olympic Interviews

  • Royal News Updates for 2012-08-03 #
  • The Duchess of Cambridge currently watching athletics. Will move on to hockey before joining William at swimming tonight #olympics #
  • RT @royalwatcherUK: Picture of The Duchess of Cambridge watching athletics today #
  • Princess Beatrice & boyfriend Dave Clark were at the equestrian today #olympics #
  • Apparently Prince William & Harry currently giving interviews to Australian networks, Brian Williams? TY @HWalesWatch for alert. Stay tuned #
  • Meanwhile, Kate has been spotted supporting @TeamGB at men's hockey. Britain currently leading Pakistan 2-0 #olympics #
  • Princes William & Harry on Australian TV RT @liltinglimes: This suit looks like it fits PW… \o/ #
  • Princess Anne has just joined Kate at hockey. @TeamGB now leads Pakistan 3-0 #Olympics #
  • Video for Aussie royal watchers: William & Harry interview with Channel 9. Can you tell us what they said?… #
  • Duchess of Cambridge dresses down for day seven of the Games as she watches athletics & hockey… #
  • William & Harry's interview with Australia's channel 9: talked abt being ambassadors, how happy they are for Zara… #
  • William joked abt practising with HM with James Bond skit but taking her out on helicopter practice… #
  • William jokes that Kate is a sight to behold with hockey stick; when she gets mad she goes for you with the stick LOL #
  • Thanks to @ally_perth for relaying the Channel 9 interview with William & Harry to us. Pls read her timeline for the tweets #
  • Will & Kate pic RT @KathJenkins: Event hosted by the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge in honour of the Military & volunteers #
  • "I was dreading the kiss cam would focus on me and my wife": Prince William charms on the BBC sofa via @DailyMirror #
  • Video of Princes William & Harry's BBC interview (for UK residents only)… #
  • William & Kate, and Edward & Sophie are currently at the Aquatics Centre watching swimming #olympics #
  • A shout out to @HRH_KLynch for her new weekly online show focusing on the royals, particularly Kate. First entry here.. #
  • Finally, Video: RT @HWalesWatch: Today's interview with Prince Harry & Prince William on Australian tv – for everyone #
  • Video: London Olympics 2012: Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit Team GB House… #
  • RT @HWalesWatch: interview on Canadian TV w/Princes Harry & William. Huge thanks to our anon benefactress for clips. #

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