For the next few days, it will be all about who’s invited to the Royal Wedding and who’s not. The first non-invite? Fergie…

Fergie was NOT invited to the Royal Wedding

Sarah Ferguson has not been invited to the royal wedding. About 1,900 invitations have been sent to family, dignitaries, charity workers and friends of Prince William and Kate Middleton but the Duchess of York was snubbed, royal aides confirmed yesterday.

Friends of 51-year-old Fergie claimed she ‘never expected’ to be asked and would have missed the ceremony anyway owing to “private plans overseas.”

Furthermore, sources tell The Sun that  William has not spoken to the Duchess of York for nearly 15 years.  The last time they had any contact was before his mother Princess Diana died in a car crash in August 1997.

A royal insider said: “Diana and Fergie had a massive fall-out.  Their friendship was never the same again. William certainly never forgot it and hasn’t buried the hatchet at all.”

Articles: Daily Mail | The Sun

In this light, I don’t expect Kate’s Uncle Gary to be invited either.


Invitation break down

[ad#zazzleright-testino]According to Newscore, as told by palace officials:

  • Prince William and Kate Middleton invited 1,900 guests to their wedding
  • more than half the guests were drawn from the royal couple’s family and friends
  • around 50 members of the British royal family were invited
  • 40 members of foreign royal families were invited
  • 80 guests will be drawn from Prince William’s philanthropic commitments
  • 200 members of government, parliament and the diplomatic corps
  • 60 governors-general and prime ministers from Commonwealth countries
  • for the lunchtime reception, around 600 relatives, friends and dignitaries were invited
  • for the evening dinner and dancing, 300 were invited

Wonder what the invitation looks like?  Here’s a preview

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