[ad#box1]The Daily Mail has unearthed childhood pictures of Kate Middleton as a pupil at St Andrew’s School in Pangbourne, Berkshire, where she studied when she was 8 to 13 years old.

The young Kate was a real golden girl – excelling at sport, drama and music. She became proficient in tennis, hockey, swimming, netball and rounders. She also took part in plays, learned ballet and tap, and was a skilled flautist and singer.

Just a quick flick through one of the school’s year books, published in June 1995, her final year, demonstrates how Kate’s star shone. As well as victories with the under-12/13 hockey team, she played goal defence for the under-13 netball team during one of its most successful seasons. Then there was the under-12/13 rounders team, for which Kate was named the highest scorer.

On prize-giving day was given a cup for outstanding sporting achievement overall.

One contemporary remembers Kate extremely fondly, saying: “She was a really lovely, warm girl who didn’t have a bad bone in her body. I couldn’t speak of her more highly. It’s still hard to imagine her becoming queen one day, but I can tell you one thing – if she does, the royals will be lucky to have her.”

Article and Pictures: Daily Mail (Precious!)

William & Kate: an imaginary wedding photo

William & Kate: an imaginary photo

An imaginary account of what William & Kate’s wedding would be like

Royal commentator Christopher Wilson imagines what Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding might be like.  St. George’s Chapel… the “Duke & Duchess of Connaught”… James Middleton for the cake… Pippa scrambles for the bouquet… Harry and his regimen… the gossip around Jecca Craig… the Necker Island honeymoon.

They even photoshopped an imaginary wedding photo of the couple (right), superimposing William and Kate’s heads on Peter Phillips and Autumn Kelly’s wedding picture in 2008,

It’s all very amusing…

Article: Daily Mail