Isabella Calthorpe reportedly resisted Prince Williams advances

Isabella Calthorpe reportedly resisted Prince William's advances

It seems that every girl ever linked to Prince William is labeled as “the one who got away.”  First, Carly Massy-Birch, then Jecca Craig, then Isabella Calthorpe…

Adam Helliker of the Express claims that Prince Charles has voiced reservations over his son’s choice of girlfriend (Kate Middleton) and, intriguingly, has talked wistfully of the girl he considers would make an ideal royal consort. She is Isabella Amaryllis Charlotte Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe, a 30-year-old actress who William ardently pursued when he broke up with Kate for a brief period three years ago.

Isabella, a classics and history graduate of Edinburgh University, comes from a wealthy family and is the granddaughter of the 6th Earl Howe.

“Isabella has far better credentials to be a princess,” says a member of the Prince of Wales’s circle. “She has breeding and money and she’s very bright as well as beautiful. Prince Charles thoroughly approved of her when William invited her for a weekend at Highgrove.”

Unfortunately for William, Isabella Calthorpe did not respond overwhelmingly to his amorous overtures. She told him, crushingly, that she would have been interested had he NOT been a prince, explaining that she was “too much of a free spirit” to be put under the inevitable media spotlight. So William gave up the chase, retreating somewhat lamely back to Kate. Isabella ended up dating Sir Richard Branson’s son Sam, from whom she has recently parted.

“Isabella is the one who got away and we all think William gave up too easily,” says a royal aide. “She’s the only woman since Jecca Craig (another former girlfriend) to have made Kate really jealous – to the extent that she gets jittery if Isabella is at the same party as William.”

Miss Calthorpe is currently appearing in Glasgow in a play about the Beatles. “She’s committed to her first love – acting.”

Note: Isabella and Sam Branson had been together for 4 years before breaking up in June 201o.  IF (it has yet to be proven) she has indeed caused troubles in William and Kate’s relationship, it would have been during their brief split in 2005 , NOT in 2007.  Isabella has been linked to William since she was 19, even before they ever met.

Article: The Express
Actress Filmography: IMDB
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[ad#box1]Prince William’s bid for copter mission to Falklands

Prince William is battling to serve in the Falkland Islands with his RAF squadron.  The pilot Prince is determined to fly alongside colleagues when they are sent to the UK outpost within the next two years.

But RAF chiefs have security concerns and are worried that William’s involvement would inflame a delicate political situation. Recently Argentinian president Cristina Kirchner slammed the UK over the Falklands, making a new claim for the disputed islands.

An insider revealed: “William is adamant he wants to join his squadron when they are seconded to the Falklands. He’s let it be known that there is no reason why he shouldn’t join his colleagues. But in the end it’s not his call.  It’s incredibly sensitive at the moment, especially given the president’s comments.”

William, 28, has now accepted he will be unable to serve on the frontline like his brother Harry did in Afghanistan.But he feels the Falklands posting would still show he is prepared to make a valuable contribution.  And he would be following in the wake of his uncle, Prince Andrew, who flew during the war against Argentina in 1982.

Article: Daily Star