Prince Harry & Chelsy Davy break up (again)

Prince Harry & Chelsy Davy break up (again)

This weekend brings a new explosive rumour: that Prince Harry and his on-off girlfriend of six years Chelsy Davy have once again split up.  The reason: Chelsy plans to move back to South Africa.  Actually, two separate news sources (News of the World, The Daily Mail) mention Chelsy’s plan to move back home.  But they give conflicting stories about her current relationship status with Prince Harry.  The Daily Mail and Richard Palmer’s tweets say although Chelsy’s moving back to South Africa, she and Harry are still an item.

Maybe they’ve decided to break up for good.  Maybe they’ll try to work it out.  Maybe this is why Prince Harry dreams of living in Africa.  Maybe none of this is true…

Since we don’t expect any statement from the couple, only time will tell the truth.  It may take months before the actual situation is revealed.  Ah, the agony!

From News of the World:

Chelsy is moving to South Africa this week to begin a legal career and has told him they are OVER. The pair have had an on-and-off relationship for six years but friends say the spark has finally gone.

Chelsy told friends: “We’re finished. This is a new beginning for me. I want to start my career in South Africa where I plan to spend the rest of my life. I don’t want to live in Britain.”

An insider said: “It was a gradual end to the relationship. It whimpered out. It’s not practical with Harry’s commitments to the Army and his family to be in a relationship with someone in a different country. It was an obvious time for a clean break. The spark is gone and she’s focused on moving back to be where her heart lies.”

Article: News of the World


The Daily Mail’s take:

Chelsy Davy is said to have had a furious row with Prince Harry. The couple apparently fell out after Chelsy told Harry she was homesick and planned to move back to Africa to be closer to her family in Zambia. Sources close to the couple also say she expressed doubts about starting her graduate job at top law firm Allen & Overy.

However, this is not the first time their relationship has faltered, with the couple separating in January of last year before getting back together eight months later.

A source said: ‘Chelsy and Harry have just been on a two-week holiday to Zambia where they were very loved up. But she’s talking about going back – that’s what the row was about. Once his World Cup duties are over, Harry and Chelsy plan to meet in Africa to patch things up.’

‘I believe Chelsy is moving back to Africa. They haven’t split up, they’re still together but have a few things to work through.’