Princess Diana: Adulthood

Off to London
Life with roomies...  

Diana as kindergarten assistant

Diana moved to London before she turned seventeen.  She lived in her mother's flat, as her mother then was living most of the year in Scotland. Soon afterward an apartment was purchased by her father as an 18th birthday present in the Earls Court area of the Kensington and Chelsea. She lived there until 1981 with three flatmates.  Diana said to have loved her time in London.

She took an advanced cooking course at her mother's suggestion, although she never became an adroit cook.  Diana worked first as a dance instructor for youth, until a skiing accident caused her to miss three months of work. She then got a job as a kindergarten assistant, did some cleaning work for her sister Sarah and her friends, and worked as a hostess at parties.


  • lived in London with 3 flatmates
  • odd jobs: kindergarten assistant, housekeeper, nanny, dance instructor

Diana as kindergarten teacherPrincess Prerequisites
Protestant and a virgin

Prince Charles' love life had often been the subject of press speculation, and he was linked to many glamorous and aristocratic women, including Diana's older sister Sarah.  In his early thirties, he was under increasing pressure to marry.  There are many unspoken requirements for Charles' future bride: (1) she should not be Roman Catholic - a member of the Church of England is preferred; (2) she preferrably should come from some aristocratic background; and (3) she must be a virgin.   At 19, Diana met the criteria.


  • Charles dated Diana's older sister Sarah
  • with Camilla Shand  married, Charles was under increasing pressure to find a bride
  • future princess requirements: Protestant, aristocratic and a virgin
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