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Prince George of Cambridge is christened at St James’s Palace – October 23, 2013

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Royal News for July 22, 2013: The Day Prince George of Cambridge was born

A VERY SPECIAL DAY!  Today, 22 July 2013, The Duke of Duchess of Cambridge welcomed their first child
- a healthy baby boy and future king!
The baby was born weighing 8 lbs, 6 oz. at 4:24pm in St. Mary’s Hospital after 11 hours of labour.
  • Hearing reports of some exciting Royal Baby news. Waiting for official announcement. Let’s go! ->
  • IT’S OFFICIAL: The Duchess of Cambridge is in hospital. Royal baby coming!… LetsGoKate! ->
  • RT @RoyalReporter: The Duchess travelled by car from Kensington Palace to the Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital Paddington this morning with… ->
  • RT @ClarenceHouse: Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge has been admitted to St. Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, London in the early st… ->
  • Prince William is with Kate as they wait to welcome their first child. Did anyone really doubt his presence? #RoyalBaby ->
  • RT @SkyNewsRoyal: #royal #kate Kensington Palace say Kate went into labour naturally, therefore at Ken Palace, and is “well” ->
  • What a Monday! Looks like I’ll be up all day & night until Baby Cambridge arrives. Anyone with me? #RoyalBaby ->
  • RT @RoyalReporter: Aides say the Duchess’s labour is progressing normally but will not say whether she has been induced. ->
  • RT @DavidhBrown: #Duchess of Cambridge arrived at hospital at 5.45am. Believed to have used Cambridge wing entrance used by Princess Diana.… ->
  • RT @SkyNewsRoyal: #royal #kate Few More people outside the Lindo Wing now waiting for #BabyCambridge http://t.co/KeqCP4WRuc ->
  • Kate may or may not have been induced. A royal baby born today will be a Cancer. Tomorrow a Leo. Fingers crossed that all goes well… ->
  • FYI: Princess Diana was induced, arrived at St Mary’s around 5am. Prince William was born at 9pm. They left the hospital the next day. ->
  • RT @gordonrayner: Meanwhile it’s business as usual for the rest of the royals. Prince Charles is in York and has said “no news yet”. Queen … ->
  • RT @SkyNewsBreak: Prime Minister David Cameron says #RoyalBaby is a “very exciting occasion” and whole country is “hoping for the best” ->
  • RT @RegalEyes: Duke & Duchess of Cambridge in Dec facing the cameras outside hospital after Kate’s pregnancy was announced to world http://… ->
  • RT @BBCPeterHunt: Before the birth announcement, royal officials will give an update — if “there’s an update to give”. Dont hold your bre… ->
  • RT @RoyalReporter: There is no sign of anyone else from the Middleton family at the hospital. ->
  • RT @gordonrayner: I’m told we’re NOT likely to be given the baby’s name when the birth announcement is made. ->
  • RT @BBCPeterHunt: The child’s name is unlikely to be made public in the birth notice.. #RoyalBaby ->
  • RT @BBCPeterHunt: William and Kate may choose to announce the name when they leave hospital– or they may wait several days.#RoyalBaby ->
  • Want to send Royal Baby a gift? Please donate to the Baby Cambridge Fundraiser. We’re working hard to reach our goal http://t.co/IBvTdiRdbI ->
  • All proceeds from the The Baby Cambridge Fundraiser (@Royalfundraiser) go to @Each_hospices, one of Kate’s charities http://t.co/TdJcep8ns5 ->
  • Prince Charles to Sky News in York: “Absolutely nothing at the moment, we’re waiting.” #RoyalBaby ->
  • RT @HRHDuchesskate: LIVE Blog with all the latest on the Duchess and royal baby http://t.co/jkPFohhvaF ->
  • Video: PM David Cameron on The Duchess of Cambridge going into labour: “The whole country is excited with them” http://t.co/DOKI3Uo7b8 ->
  • RT @MaxFosterCNN: Wellwishers with Prince Charles say they think #RoyalBaby will appear in six hours time. Charles: “might be right” ->
  • Good morning to American followers who are just finding out that today could finally be Royal Baby Day! Kate is in labor! ->
  • RT @RegalEyes: One of Prince William’s PPOs has returned to the #LindoWing with a large bag of Marks & Spencers food supplies…#GreatKatew… ->
  • RT @EwartRoyale: The wait at the Lindo 8 hours after Kate admitted. No news yet. Diana was in labour here for 16 hours in ’82 http://t.co/G… ->
  • RT @BBCPeterHunt: If the baby is born today there’ll be a 41 gun salute at Green Park and a 62 gun salute at the Tower of London tomorrow a… ->
  • RT @ArthurJEdwards: Waiting for Baby Cambridge. It’s extremely hot. Should baby be born today it’s star sign is Cancer tomorrow it’s Leo ht… ->
  • Link for ongoing updates and tidbits as we wait for the birth of Baby Cambridge http://t.co/gVxCHTmfen #RoyalBaby Not long now… ->
  • RT @ChrisJack_Getty: Something is about to happen down at the #Lindowing #RoyalBaby ->
  • RT @RoyaNikkhah: The Queen has just arrived back at Buckingham Palace from Windsor to await the arrival of future king or queen. ->
  • Finally off work and facing the longest one-hour commute home. Hope i don’t miss anything. #RoyalBaby ->
  • RT @_mio: queen back at buck palace, police presence at #lindowing increased, noisy crowds hushed. are we about to get #royalbaby news? ->
  • RT @RoyalReporter: Prince Charles tells well-wishers: “I’m very grateful indeed for the kind wishes for my rather slowly-approaching grandf… ->
  • I’m home! Pretty sure I broke a few laws to come home in record-breaking time. Bring it on! #RoyalBaby ->
  • Video: Prince Charles “very grateful for the kind wishes about my rather slowly-approaching grandfatherhood” http://t.co/ozUlB9OqJw ->
  • Kate has been in labour for 11 hours now. Diana had William after 16 hours. Average is 12… #RoyalBaby ->
  • Royal Baby: A girl will be Queen, David Cameron insists, despite struggles in some Commonwealth countries… http://t.co/mFbnGx4apQ ->
  • Crowds at the Lindo Wing & Buckingham Palace wait for Royal Baby http://t.co/rKYkqxfa8M http://t.co/ljIWOCzecH (via @SkyNews @MailOnline) ->
  • RT @BBCPeterHunt: A taxi has just driven past with the driver hooting his horn. He had a message in his cab — congrats Will and Kate. #Roy->
  • News of Kate’s impending delivery takes over social media: 50,000 mentions & 487 million viewing online posts. (1) USA (2) UK (3) Canada ->
  • RT @RoyalDickie: The patient media – been at the Lindo Wing all day and not an angry word has been heard http://t.co/PcD10BLQoN ->
  • 13 hours since Kate was admitted to hospital. If she doesn’t give birth by 10:30pm BST, the announcement will likely wait till morning. ->
  • RT @BBCPeterHunt: Asked if he’s heard anything about the baby, Prince Charles replies he hasnt and goes on, “you will probably know more ab… ->
  • RT @gordonrayner: All change on the means of royal birth being announced. Announcement will now be press released before notice leaves hosp… ->
  • RT @CamillaTominey: Royal baby to be announced imminently. Watch this space #royalbaby ->
  • RT @BBCPeterHunt: Ken Palace have changed their plans. The first we will know about the baby will be when they release a formal press rele… ->
  • A change of plans: We’ll hear of the royal baby’s birth first by press release — before the easel posting. Fits a night-time birth? ->
  • RT @BBCPeterHunt: Does the change in Kensington Palace’s plans mean a baby announcement is imminent? Well soon know. #RoyalBaby ->
  • Something is imminent #RoyalBaby ->
  • RT @RoyalReporter: I think it’s safe to say the Duchess has had her baby. We await details. ->
  • IT’S A BOY!!!!!! Congratulations, William & Kate! ->
  • 4:24pm, 8lb 6ox Baby BOY!!! #RoyalBaby ->
  • FYI: I have always been on TEAM BOY! So thrilled to hear mother and child are well. They will stay in hospital overnight. ->
  • Formal notification of the birth on the way to Buckingham Palace!! #RoyalBaby ->
  • MOMENTOUS DAY: Baby BOY Cambridge, born July 22, 2013 4:24pm, 8lb 6oz. http://t.co/HIBr9i9OLg ->
  • RT @simonvigar5: ”Its been a wonderful day and everyone’s delighted” royal staffer #royababy :: new dad william made all the calls to que… ->
  • RT @simonvigar5: Harry and the in-laws ->
  • Notice on the easel: “Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge was safely delivered of a son at 4:24pm.” ->
  • “Her Royal Highness and her child are both doing well.” ->
  • RT @EwartRoyale: Four hour delay before birth announced was to give Kate and William some time with the baby ->
  • Kate delivered the baby naturally. She was not “too posh to push” an 8-lb 6-oz baby boy! ->
  • RT @MaxFosterCNN: Prince Charles: “Both my wife and I are overjoyed at the arrival of my first grandchild…. ->
  • Baby Boy Cambridge will be the first great-grandson for the Queen. She already has two great-granddaughters #RoyalBaby ->
  • RT @ClarenceHouse: Want to send your congratulations to Their Royal Highnesses? You can sign the Google+ card here: http://t.co/mMgjmPzf3s ->
  • RT @BBCNews: “An important moment in the life of our nation, but above all a wonderful moment for a warm & loving couple” – David Cameron o… ->
  • RT @David_Cameron: I’m delighted for the Duke and Duchess now their son has been born. The whole country will celebrate. They’ll make wond… ->
  • RT @hellomag: Prince William is expected to make a statement this evening. #royalbaby ->
  • The official announcement of the birth of Baby Cambridge http://t.co/gVIjSe639a via @BritishMonarchy ->
  • RT @BBCPeterHunt: Royal doctor Marcus Setchell says “wonderful baby. Beautiful baby”. ->
  • RT @BBCPeterHunt: Prince William is not expected to speak tonight to the media about the birth of his son. He’s expected to spend the night… ->
  • RT @RE_DailyMail: Unusually, Prince William will be spending the night in hospital with his wife and their new baby, no words from him unti… ->
  • RT @RoyalFundraiser: Welcome to the world, Baby Boy Cambridge! Congratulations to the happy parents! http://t.co/1feLUotrJB ->
  • Prince William’s statement: “We could not be happier.” #RoyalBaby ->
  • Prince William is spending the night at the hospital with his wife & new son, palace says. Always the doting husband – now father *thumbsup* ->
  • RT @SkyNewsBreak: President Obama: Michelle & I are so pleased to congratulate Duke & Duchess on joyous occasion of birth of their first ch… ->
  • Video: Watch the official birth announcement of Baby Boy Cambridge on Buckingham Palace easel… http://t.co/nZ2UvsvFD4 ->
  • RT @JordonLee: The London Eye has lit up to celebrate the royal baby’s birth… http://t.co/PWc4ncdVeC ->
  • RT @hendopolis: THE SUN: The Son #TomorrowsPapersToday #BBCPapers http://t.co/uEqYG97mLv ->
  • My ultimate Cambridge portrait dream: Kate and her 3 boys: William, Baby Cambridge & Lupo ->
  • Video: BT Tower beams Royal Baby news over London. It’s a boy!.. http://t.co/zt020MyOlG ->
  • Tuesday’s Royal Baby newspapers via @hendopolis http://t.co/AEmo3LEJsW ->
  • How will William & Kate’s new baby prince spend the first few weeks of his life? #BabyCambridgehttp://t.co/Yp7Aock0am ->

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Currently On the Baby Cambridge Fundraiser

on the birth of their beautiful BABY BOY

HRH Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge
was born 22 July, 2013 at 4:24pm weighing 8 lbs 6 oz.

William & Kate have released a statement that, in lieu of gifts, they encourage well-wishers to donate to charity.  Here’s our way of welcoming Baby Cambridge to the world.  The online royal community, spearheaded by 5 blogs, launched the Baby Cambridge Fundraiser in behalf of East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH).  The Duchess of Cambridge is Royal Patron to this charity.  Read more on this wonderful initiative here.  So far we have raised more than £5,000. Do donate directly, please go to justgiving.com/BabyCambridgeFundraiser

Over the past months, we have rolled out fun activities to help augment the fundraiser in the form of auctions, giveaways and competitions. Below are more ways to help our cause:

Imogen Sheeran Jewellery in support of EACH

Imogen Sheeran Jewellery in support of EACH

Imogen Sheeran, the mother of the famous Ed Sheeran, is a HUGE supporter of EACH. She designed the EACH charity bracelet famously worn by Kate during her visit to one of their hospices. Ed himself wears many of his mum’s designs. Imogen was so kind to collaborate with one of our directors for some beautiful handcrafted pieces – 40% of the sales will go to EACH.  So treat yourself to something pretty and help our fundraising efforts on the side. For fans of Ed, this is also an exciting time as he recently announced headlining a show in Madison Square Garden & mentoring for The Voice. Click here to read more.

Baby Cambridge Fundraiser Charity Shop

Baby Cambridge Fundraiser Charity Shop

Craving for Baby Cambridge Souvenirs? We have opened a BCF Zazzle shop, where all royalties go to EACH!

Mugs, postcards, baby clothes, iPhone cases and many more – in several original designs. A perfect way to commemorate William & Kate’s baby boy and give to charity at the same time:

BCF Charity Shop (USA)
BCF Charity Shop (UK)

And please don’t forget to donate to the Baby Cambridge Fundraiser, which is what all of this is about. We are have RAISED THE GOAL to £5,000 and need your help to reach it. I’m also happy to announce that for our Do Something Special ChallengeI have successfully put in my extra shift at work for EACH!

Baby Cambridge Fundraiser

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Royal News for Sunday, February 3, 2013

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