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Naming dilemma: What to Call the Girl Formerly Known as Kate Middleton

William & Kate are visiting California in July!

The Name Debate

It’s been barely a week since William & Kate tied the knot in front of a global audience.  While the honeymoon destination remains the top question, another significant dilemma the world faces — this blogger included — is  what to call Prince William’s new wife.

Princess Catherine

Prince William will always be Prince William.  But what about Kate?


Sure, her official title is HRH the Duchess of Cambridge. Or make that Her Royal Highness Princess William, Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn, Baroness Carrickfergus…. (whew!)

But what to call her informally? In this internet age, where keywords mean everything, a simple “Kate” just wouldn’t do. A google search of “kate middleton” used to give complete news coverage on Kate, but after her marriage, the media is scrambling on several monikers: Princess Catherine, Princess Kate, Duchess Catherine, Duchess Kate, Kate the Duchess… The world hasn’t come into a consensus on what to call her.

I personally like the sound of Princess Catherine. It isn’t an official name, for sure, but definitely sounds more youthful and accessible than Duchess of Cambridge. Besides, Prince William will always be known as Prince William to the world, no matter how many titles are given him. So, when strung into the same sentence, it simply sounds fitting that his wife be informally called Princess and not Duchess. (I know Camilla has never been called Princess but I think global popularity will make this young couple an exception). Also, it has been suggested that William himself preferred that he stayed known as Prince William and that his wife be Princess Catherine. A quote from the Telegraph:

In an attempt to get round the issue, the Palace let it be known that people who wanted to call Catherine “Princess” were welcome to do so. After Friday’s Royal wedding, Paddy Harverson, the Prince of Wales’ communications secretary, suggested the public be encouraged to use the names Prince William and Princess Catherine if they preferred. He said: “I think it’s absolutely natural that the public might want to call them Prince William and Princess Catherine and no one is going to have any argument with that.”

So for this confused royal blogger, unless I see a different trend, it’s PRINCESS CATHERINE.

Another interesting thing: The Palace says Prince William will NOT change his name to William Cambridge at work. He will remain Fl Lt William Wales, as he’s been known in school and on the job. He also, interestingly, introduced Kate as “Mrs. Wales” at the Buckingham Palace reception. But Kate can not technically take on the Wales surname, and neither should any of their future children. All the more reason why I’m sticking with Princess Catherine for now…

Any thoughts?



Prince William back to work. Prince William, looking good with his spectacles, has been snapped behind his Audi returning to work in RAF Valley in Anglesey, North Wales.  Poor guy can’t escape the paps, can he?

UK Tabloids pledge to leave royal honeymooners alone.  Good on them if it happens.  Although foreign photographers may still go after them.

Sarah Burton breaks her silence.  Kate’s acclaimed wedding dress designer says the new princess is “one of the most lovely women she has ever met” and described her as “low maintenance.”  The dress has “a lot of her personality in it” and they collaborated 50-50.

Interview of the Bridesmaids dress designer.  With video.  Mother and daughter team Nicki and Charlotte Macfarlane spoke to Entertainment Tonight.  Princess Catherine was heavily involved and was present in all fittings.

Other Royal News:

Prince Charles met President Obama yesterday in Washington and gave a speech at Georgetown University regarding sustainable agriculture.



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The Queen Turns 85

Born April 21, 1926, Queen Elizabeth II turns 85 years old today.  Although her “official birthday” is celebrated yearly in June with the Trooping of the Colour ceremony.

Happy 85th Birthday to the Queen
- the Monarchy’s lighthouse & touchstone

Long may Her Majesty reign!

The Queen & the Duke are currently in Windsor Castle.  She’ll be in Westminster Abbey later today for the Royal Maundy service. No news on how Her Majesty will be celebrating her landmark birthday.

Yesterday, however, the Palace confirmed that the Queen & Prince Philip hosted Kate Middleton’s parents – Michael and Carole – to a private lunch.  It is believed that it is the first time they have met.  Previous reports insisted the Queen had no plans to meet them before the wedding.

Buckingham Palace says: “The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh hosted Mr and Mrs Michael Middleton at a private lunch at Windsor Castle today.”

According to a royal source: “It was a lovely lunch, very warm with lots of laughter and I think helped put everyone at ease.” The meal started at 1pm and lasted just under an hour and half – Her Majesty has never been one to linger long over lunch.

Also present were a handful of household staff including the Queen’s private secretary and equerry. Neither William nor Kate was invited to the gathering.

Article: Daily Mail


Kate Middleton on a 2-day Shopping Spree

With only 8 days to go before her wedding, Kate Middleton hit the shops at King’s Road 2 days in a row shopping for what appears to be her honeymoon wardrobe. On the first day, she stopped at Warehouse (who unprofessionally tweeted her appearance & later released what she bought to the press), Banana Republic and Zara. She also stopped to have her hair done. On day 2, Kate, snapped looking super slim in a black Issa dress, hit Whistles and Peter Jones.

And once again, the press managed to expose what Kate bought — pants, tops, sunglasses, bikinis, and even bras and panties on bargain.  Seriously, it’s great to know this “commoner” future queen shops like an ordinary girl and buys things that are accessible.  It’s nice to know the shop assistants think she’s lovely and friendly.  But to reveal every bit of clothing she bought?  And her dress size?  It’s all a bit too much, in my opinion.  If the world has learned anything from what happened to Diana, it is to give the royals a little bit of space.  Here’s hoping Kate will continue to shop in high street for years to come!

Articles: Daily Mail | Mirror

Day 2, King’s Road: Socialitelife (most complete) | Laineygossip
Day 2, in car with protection officer (not mum): Zimbio
Day 1, after visiting hairdresser Richard War: Popsugar

As for Prince William, he was spotted playing football Monday night in Battersea, where his team won 5-0.  Luckily, he finished unscathed. The football-mad prince often joins friends for a competitive game when he’s in London on Monday nights.  Article: Telegraph

Other William & Kate Updates:


And another milestone:  Prince Charles is now officially the longest heir-in-waiting in British history.  And with the Queen strong at 85, looks like it’ll still be a long time until he’s king.


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Prince Charles & Camilla’s Official Visit to Portugal, Spain & Morocco

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall are on a 10-day official tour to Portugal, Spain and Morocco. Articles, pictures & videos below:


Charles & Camilla with Prince Felipe & Princess Letizia of Spain

It is the first joint visit to Spain by Prince Charles and Camilla.


(March 28-29, 2011)


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Poll: People Want Charles for King, Not William

For the first time in six years, the Prince of Wales is the most popular choice to be the next King, while support for the monarchy is swelling.

Shortly after Prince William’s engagement to girlfriend Kate Middleton was announced last November, two polls showed a majority of Britons thought he should succeed Queen Elizabeth and not heir-to-the-throne Charles.  However, according to a YouGov survey for Prospect Magazine released on Thursday, that sentiment has now been reversed.

Almost half (45%) of people said they wanted the heir to the throne to succeed the Queen, while only 37% said they preferred Prince William.

Experts have speculated that the reason behind the change is that the public want to allow Prince William to enjoy his life as a newlywed before assuming a more responsible role.

British constitutional expert Norman St John-Stevas said there was no possibility that the throne could bypass Charles in any case.  “It would be a major breach of our constitution. It would weaken the monarchy, it would make Prince William’s task infinitely more difficult, it would be an act of gross injustice to Prince Charles who has done so much for the monarchy.”

Six years ago, almost one in five people (19%) wanted an end to the monarchy but the recent poll found only 13% of people now felt the same.

Articles: Telegraph | Reuters

Official Royal Wedding Music — Set for Immediate Download

Royal Memorabilia: The Loving Cup

For the first time in history, when Prince William marries Kate Middleton next month, the Royal Wedding ceremony will be recorded and immediately released digitally by Decca Records. The entire ceremony at Westminster Abbey – including the service, the couple’s historic vows and the church music – will be released digitally on the day, making it available through iTunes within hours.

The official physical album of the wedding will then be released into British stores and across the rest of the world from 5th May. It will include a booklet with the order of service, the readings, vows, hymns and blessings of the ceremony, as well as the music.

Source: Official Royal Wedding Website

Official Memorabilia Addition: The Loving Cup. A loving cup bearing the entwined initials C and W is among the latest additions to the official range of royal wedding china. Prince William and Kate Middleton had the final say on the design which includes doves, ribbons and hearts.  Demand for official royal wedding memorabilia is high.  Articles: BBC | Daily Mail

Video interview with Colleen Harris, former press secretary to Prince Charles, William & Harry.

William & Kate News:



Other Royal News:

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