Fifteen days to go until Prince William & Kate Middleton tie the knot!  (Have you sent your charitable present yet?) Prepare for a circus — not that it hasn’t been one already since their November 16 engagement announcement.  So any recent major royal wedding news?  Honestly, not really.  Where are the scandals?  The topless snaps (as in the case of Sophie Wessex 3 weeks into her wedding)? More Uncle Garys?  Skeletons in the closet?  …  Perhaps in the case of this royal couple, there are none.  Which is probably why there’s overblown fuss about little things — Kate’s weight, the number of exes invited, etc.

Kate Middleton in Lancashire. Photo by Reuters

“Shrinking” Kate Middleton. I have to admit.  I am sick of the weight loss articles.  Those who trumpet Kate’s “dramatic” or “scary” weight loss have not been following Kate for years.  The princess-to-be has always been extremely slender.  While I am not one for an eye for meticulous weight watching, I hardly think Kate’s weight loss, if any, can be called dramatic. She does look slightly thinner on the face during their Lancashire engagement to me, but her hairstyle could have contributed to the sculpting of the face.  Besides, it’s common for brides to shed a few pounds, especially considering what incredible stress she must be in at the moment.  And to suggest she might be developing an eating disorder is beyond ridiculous — once again a desperate attempt of the media to compare her with Diana.

In this light, Duncan Larcombe of The Sun reports that Kate has had her engagement ring shrunk to fit her slender finger as she slims down for her wedding day. She has asked Royal jewellers to fit two beads inside the £32million sapphire band to stop it slipping. She is terrified it will fall off as she marries William.  A Royal source said: “The band was turning. Kate absolutely adores it and didn’t want to cause a fuss. A bride’s worst nightmare is looking down and seeing her ring has fallen off. One can only imagine how this is magnified when you are marrying the future King of England.”

As part of her marriage preparation, Kate was confirmed in the Church of England on March 10.  Although baptised as a baby, Kate has never been confirmed.  The Bishop of London, the Rt Rev Richard Chartres – who confirmed Prince William when he was 14 – carried out the confirmation in a ceremony attended by William and her family.  It is said to be her decision due to her personal journey into faith.  After all, she’ll be the wife for the future Supreme Governor of the Church of England.

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